Serving all 50 states, Loan Audits Cal is the nation’s only full-service, high-level forensic loan auditing company specializing in high-value mortgage and commercial property loans.  In addition to property loans, Loan Audits Cal also provides forensic loan auditing assistance for short sale scenarios, previously foreclosed property, loan modification companies and attorneys, insurance companies, as well as mobile home properties.  For those looking to a career in the Loan Auditing industry, Loan Audits Cal also provides an intensive training program and on-going support so that you can become a high-level forensic loan auditor and start helping people in need.  

With a very personal and systematic approach, Loan Audits Cal will go through ALL of your loan documents line by line and will uncover any and all fraud, legal violations, and misrepresentation that will assist in getting you the best possible stance to negotiate with a lender.  

After finding the ammunition needed to negotiate with a stubborn lender, Loan Audits Cal will provide you a ONE-ON-ONE phone consultation where we will explain your options as well as our recommendations and next steps to get the outcome you’re looking for.  Once your loan audit is complete and your options presented, we will remain your partner and can always be called upon for advice or even for testimonial should your scenario ever go to trial. 

In short, Loan Audits Cal is your partner and ally during this difficult time.  We provide you the support, knowledge, and expertise to help you overcome any obstacle and we look forward to helping you weather this storm and get back on your way to financial security.  

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